What’s new and what’s coming next…

Front of Con Flakes box.

Here’s the front of our first cereal box. Click on it to view a larger version.

  • This site will feature downloadable and printable cereal box kits representing the ConDem coalition (Selloffs’ Con Flakes), the Labour Party (Sellouts’ Faker Oats) and Ukip (Hellogg’s Special uKip).
  • There will also be notes explaining what is on these packets, the major point being that all these UK parties are dancing on the head of a neoliberal pin – there is nothing to choose between them in their inequality-, war- and division-promoting and environment-destroying policies.
  • Once this has been done, we shall be producing some humorous YouTube videos, showing a harassed young mother, Anne T. O’Sterity, shopping for cereal and commenting on life…
  • There will also be a list of useful and inspiring resources to help you find information and join us in constructing better alternatives.  There is no alternative but to find an alternative to the empty materialism of ‘free-market’ capitalism!
  • We want this site ultimately to have at least as many positive things to aim for as negative things to campaign against, and we hope to have a laugh along the way to building a better world!

What has been done so far:

(1) Statement explaining the values and philosophy behind this site.

(2) Con Flakes box printable assembly kit.

(3) Detailed explanation of the Con Flakes box.

(4) How-you-can-help page.

(5) We have found a talented young woman by the name of Anne T. O’Sterity to star in our videos!

What’s coming next:

Sellouts’ Faker Oats box printable assembly kit and explanation.

Hellogg’s Special uKip box printable assembly kit and explanation.

(Then the other things referred to above.)

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